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Comments received -

"Well Graeme, I finished your book and I now I have withdrawal symptoms. That would have to be the best read since I managed to get a copy of DEEP THROAT in braile. It's wonderfully written and it made me feel as though I was there at the time and sharing in your experiences. Look forward to the next edition." - Malcolm (NZ)

"I had to let you know how much I am enjoying your book and tell you that I have laughed out loud at some of the stories! I have to say that I really envy you for having this seemingly terrific “boys own romp” through your racing forays!"  - Chris (UK)

"Hey Croz, I have just finished your book, what an awesome piece of reading!!!!, I literally couldnt put it down, i was laughing my arse off on the first page and when you stuck Randy Mamolas head down the loo was just great.....I was on the edge of my seat towards the end just willing you to have your first GP win and was sad for you when it never materialised.....but I had no idea of the amount of success you had of those years and i think the decision to retire come at the perfect time in your life."  Daniel (NZ)

"Just finished your book – an excellent read and thanks for sharing your racing experiences. I’ve been following the racing scene for quite a while and enjoyed all the names, races and insights." Ian (Aus)

"This book of yours is a great read; brilliantly written, totally zany, fast moving and gives an insight into the crazy life you have led. I couldn't put it down. I'm impressed with your stamina to write such a weighty tome. 400+ pages! I took it to show my old pal Dennis and he immediately asked if he could borrow it. I warned him of the 'ungentlemanly' language in some places but he wants to throw caution to the wind. That's his priveledge at 94 years old." Ray (UK) 

"Finally got your book last week and I read it in a few days. For me that is saying something as I have only read a few books in my life and never one this large. You bought back a lot of fantastic memories and gave me a great insight of your life during this time. You have a lot to be very proud of Croz, congratulations." Anthony (Aus) 

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. My book just arrived and is better than I had even expected. This is after only reading the 1st chapter.
The pictures alone were worth the price of the book."
Murray (NZ)

"Congratulations Graeme . A good show and no doubt the two of you can feel proud about it. I am going well with the book ... very readable and it’s a wonder you are in such good shape after a life in the fast lane !! Cheers Beers and Leers !!" Bruce (NZ)

"Croz I loved it, had me in tears, laughter, wondering. I really think it was put together so well, I dont want to say anything in public that might spoil it for anyone. My son James read it as well and he reads nothing. It will sell very well only thing i can say is i hope they printed enough."  Ralph (Aus)

"Your book arrived Friday and have not been able to put it down "FANTASTIC" read ,and definitly well named. Congratulations". - Malcolm (NZ)

"Book arrived safe and sound this morning at 10 am, it's now early evening and i'm nearly half way through - can't put it down!! I think the quote on the back cover is very apt - it's croz's first book, but you wouldn't know. Well done mate, it's a brilliant read. You do realise that if we can sort out another evening with you next year, you'll be surrounded by guys who have read your book, armed with a hundred questions each!! "  - Jerry (UK)

"Just finished your book Croz. Brilliant mate. An excellent read, and hard to believe you haven't written before. I could never understand why you quit so early but it all makes sense now. Wise move. Still feels like there was unfinished business with your racing career.Well done with the book."  - Craig (NZ)

Subject: yr book
hey man well done on yr book i started to read it i,am loving it
george crossling

Hey Croz
Just got back from holiday after reading your book it was really great …well done for an x motor bike mechanic ……Only the 3rd book I have ever read !!…..

Hi Graeme
I received your book in the UK in less than a week from my order date.(very impressive)
Its a nice change to read the truth from a "Real Racer" instead of the corporate arse kissers riding now. It was both funny and imformative and i struggled to put it down.Thank for the autograph its a nice touch my mates jealous as fook.
I saw you at assen for the classic in 2009 it was a great weekend.
Good luck for the future and with the book sales ill continue to big it up to my mates.

I am loving the book mate...My wife got you to sign it for me up at Matakana and she gave it to me for Xmas...I also got Keith Richards book "Life" from someone else as I am a big Stones fan...I am reading yours first!!..That pretty much says it all I reckon....Cheers.

Hi Croz,
Just wanted to say a big thanks for sending out when you did,it arrived on xmas eve,excellent timing. I've just finished reading it today and it's had me spellbound all through xmas.
I live not far from Oulton park and reading your book brought back memories as a teenager of climbing the tree that overhung deers-leap after lodge just to watch the bikes wheelie off the rise,then going to Donington and camping in a foot of mud with a weekend of bikes n beer.
Sent you a photo of my shed of bikes waiting to be finished.The black Zed i've had since about '81 and could never part with,trying to have it on the road for the Thundersprint in Northwich.I've always had sit up n beg zeds.Love em to bits!
Anyhow, All the best and thanks again for making my xmas,not sure the missus and kids would agree though!


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