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To put this in perspective, Lets go racing - "KIWI" style

Today we are going to build a race track, we need 3500 hay bales, a lot of volunteers and some very stupid guys to race their bikes around these inner city streets, yes we have Wanganui. - "Bring it on"

To build the "Cemetery" circuit and dismantle it takes time but over the years the organizers have made it look like a well oiled machine. A real "here today - gone tomorrow" story or should that be "gone this afternoon" as the roads open again for the public at 5pm.

It works like clockwork but always the question of safety arises and it is not uncommon for the riders to assist with hay bale placement after all it is likely that they will be the ones who end up in them.

What is a worry for all riders is oil! It seemed to me that anytime a sidecar goes out it leaves the contents of its sump spread around the whole course. Admittedly things are changing with the advent of the two stroke engine increasingly being used meaning less likelihood of oil on the track. But for some reason there is always an old pre-unit construction triumph engine out there leaking 20/50 oil from every orifice and every joint.

That's when we all have to pitch in!!!

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