Downforce™ - get the most out of your supercar (within reason).

Now this is where I get to have fun!

I spent several years in retail selling Mercedes Benz cars in New Zealand's top dealership Coutts Mercedes in Auckland. New Zealand's top salesman in 1999 I won the prestigious Sales Guild award and travelled to Stuttgart to view the cars being built.

Combining my knowledge of prestigious car brands, my extensive client database and my racing history through Aussie V8's meant I would be well suited to provide driver education to those owners of prestigious cars. Letting the owners experience the level of technical sophistication the cars have in a safe environment of the race track really is exciting to see. The drivers come away with new knowledge and understanding of what their car is capable of having experienced ABS, ESP high speed lane changing and circuit corning techniques.

I work with Downforce Auto Events and Training exclusively and specialise in Lamborghini, Mercedes, Aston Martin etc.


Graeme Crosby is going to race once again at the Isle of Man TT

I'm available for public speaking engagements