Speaking and Motivation.

Increasingly, I am being asked to speak to various groups about my experiences on the GP circuit and colourful life as a motorcycle racer in the 80's.

Recalling events that played important parts in my career provide the audience with an in-depth look at the life of a GP racer and the many examples of cock-ups, crashes and those humorous moments you want to forget - make for a lighthearted evening.

I talk very candidly about my experiences both on and off the track with many examples of the highs and lows of racing. By drawing on those experiences and "taking the piss" out of many other riders and racing identities makes for a very entertaining evening, even if I do say so myself.

I guess in some way it also provides a "Motivational" component focusing on what it takes to be a Champion. A look at my life on bikes and we share with the audience those experiences that indentifies important things that made me a Champion in my chosen sport. It is an informative a powerful message that can be delivered with the assistance of Audio and visual aids.

While I used to do this free or at least for a few beers in the old days I now have a more professional approach and charge accordingly

Contact me graeme@graemecrosby.com to set up a night of Motor-sport fun.

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