Growing my wings.

Yamaha Japan, America and Marlboro got together to minimize racing costs and form one team for '83.

I saw no realistic opportunity for me so I pulled up my tent pegs and decided I want to be an airline pilot. I studied hard and I found a whole new interest that allowed me to turn my back on racing gracefully. I had purpose and mental stimulus learning to fly and was totally absorbed by the air under my wings.

Towards the end of 1980 I developed an intense interest with aviation and this soon became totally consuming. It had all the components that made motorcycles exciting but in a different format. It had no age restrictions and would become a very large hole into which money just flowed.

I was so intent on learning to fly I bought my own small Piper PA28 Warrior II because I was forever waiting on other students and having to refuel after their lessons. I also liked gadgets so the aircraft I bought had an auto pilot and instruments for flying in cloud.

I gained my Private license and then went straight into studying the commercial subjects, instrument and Navigation aids, Morse code, IFR Law, and meteorology to allow me to fly using instrument flying rules. As a private pilot with my instrument rating I traveled the length and breadth of New Zealand honing my flying skills.

Continuing with my training I gained a full commercial license and set up a company towing advertising banners. It was great fun but extremely boring floating along at 55kts 1000' feet above venues.

I bought an sold a few aircraft including a 1977 model Cessna 182Q which I imported from Australia and had registered ZK-VNE which in aviation terms means -"speed never exceed".

After selling my Motorcycle dealership that I owned for about 13 years I began fling for an airline which had a contract to pick up and drop off mailbags and to assist with baggage over-loads from our National airline. These were the best days, flying IFR in the early morning and late at night using twin engined aircraft. The weather was always a challenge but we had great company training and always had a two pilot crew.

This was not a big money job and I elected to get a real job selling Mercedes Benz Cars and make some money. Selling cars in the high end market gave me introductions to many people and one such person had a plane and no license. I had no plane at the time but had the license so it made sense to fly his aircraft. We both love playing golf - great combo.

I have ended up over time as a commercial pilot with over 1500hrs a multi engine instrument rating with credits for various Airline transport subjects. And I continue to love it.

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