The Isle of Man TT.

As a young 17yr old I had dreamed of riding at the TT.

Listening intently to riders from NZ who had been to the TT recalling their experiences and hanging on their every word only fuelled the desire. It's now been 28 years since I made my first appearance and although I only raced in 1979, 80 and 81. I did manage 3 wins a 2nd and a 4th place. The wins were in the Senior TT in 1980 and the TTF1 along with the Classic in 1981. So the Isle of Man has always held a special place in my racing History.

My chance first came in 1979 aboard a Moriwaki "Monster" I had received a very nice letter of recommendation from Mike Hailwood to help gain an entry to the TT without first racing the Manx. A highly tuned Z1 1000cc engine squeezed into a Moriwaki Chassis. Especially built for the world TTF1 events it was one of two bikes supplied by Moriwaki Engineering from Suzuka Japan. The "Sit-up and Beg" Z1 looked like a standard road bike but with a difference was to be used for the short Circuit English tracks while the "Monster" a more traditional and pure road race style bike was to be used at the TT. I struggled to learn the circuit but came away with 4th place.

The following year 1980, I had a race long duel with Ian Richards on my Suzuki XR34 RGB500 eventually winning after Ian's bike suffered mechanical problems. It would have been a very tight race had he finished. The TTF1 race was a nightmare when the Honda of Mick Grant managed a three lap stint on 25ltrs of fuel! Apparently fitting empty plastic bottles to reduce the capacity was fine by the protest committee and Mick got the thumbs-up. It was a very tight race again but with the extra stop I was relegated to a 2nd place.

The following year was a reversal with the protest committee coming out on my side in the TTF1 event against livid reaction from Honda. They forgot that the race is a time trial or a race against the clock not the competitor who starts next to you so when I elected to start further down the starting order Honda thought wrongly that the my race time should start at my assigned start position not when I actually started. One all!! Crozo won

The Classic was a classic! Honda still smarting over losing the protest decided to change the colour for Black Friday and whole team turned out in "black", the bikes, riders and team all in black. Well too much of a change and the planning went out the window and fuel was in short supply as the riders ran dry out on the track. Crozo won again taking the double!

Changing teams meant my new GP team did not contest the TT and I retired a year later.

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