The Car Years.

In 1985 I was invited to test a race car and I thought how easy is this?!

No costs just turn up with your driver's suit and license and go racing with safety, no gravel rash, yee-haar! I must admit the bug got me and in next to no time I had shelled out $200,000 and bought competitive Group A Commodore team complete with Ross Stone as manager - look out Bathurst were we come.

We had the car, the team, the talent but no funds to fully realize my potential. Our team ran really well in '86 in the Aussie Touring race series and we had some good results but for a Kiwi team taking on the Aussie red-necks like Dick Johnson, Brock etc. it was just too tough financially. I resigned myself to a co-driving role with the likes of Allen Grice, Colin Bond Andrew Medicke and even Peter Brock.

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