The Early Days

My first interest in bikes was a passenger on a 250cc Greeves motor-cross bike in a gravel pit near my home town of Renwick in the wine growing district of Marlborough.

I spent hours as a pillion doing jumps and slides behind Ivan Miller who was an up and coming MX rider who eventually rode for Commerford's Suzuki in London doing GPs.

After moving to Auckland in the late 60's I bought and sold all sorts of types of bikes from a Jawa 250, Honda 50cc and Suzuki 50's. At 17 years old I began motorcycle apprenticeship at the local Kawasaki dealership and began going to races with Eric Bone a mechanic from the same shop who raced the legendary H1500 Kawasakis. I became a pit crew for Eric and we did a lot of races all over NZ.

A few years later I had my own my stable of Kawasaki's production bikes to race. The H2 750 was my favorite bike with an amazing amount of power and a very light frame it weaved and wobbled but not enough to throw you off but it did look spectacular. Power wheel stands became the norm.

The question people began asking was who was the guy with the sit-up and beg handle bars that ran second in the TTF1 race behind Ron Haslam at the opening round of the British TTF1 Championship? Who is this guy Crosby? Or as he wants to be known 'Croz' (British Press).

Perhaps some brief History is called for. I am a 'Kiwi' and was brought up on the streets racing production bikes in New Zealand and Australia (please make sure you check out my video section on this).

In 1979 I was racing in Australia for Ross Hannan a veteran TT rider who happened to be the Aussie importer for Yoshimura products. Pop's Yoshimura was building his business in the USA chasing the lucrative AMA Superbike title with riders Wes Cooley, Dave Aldana and Ron Pierce. While Pop's was forging this new allegiance with the Suzuki factory, his daughter, Namiko, married Mamoru Moriwaki, another clever motorcycle engineer who was working closely with Kawasaki Japan contracted me to race for Moriwaki Engineering in Japan at the first Suzuka 8 Hour Race.

Before too long Moriwaki Japan gave me two bikes to go the UK and contest one or two TTF1 races before taking on the TT. Well history shows I did real good and ended up signing a contract with Suzuki to race the new GS1000R XR69 TTF1 Machine for 1980 plus I got a deal to ride the XR34 RGB500 Grand Prix machine.

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Graeme Crosby is going to race once again at the Isle of Man TT

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