Kawasaki A7 350cc 2-stroke Avenger

My first race bike

My first real production racer. I bought it bought from my mentor Eric Bone at a bargain price of $650 in 1972. It was a quick and nice handling road bike with good ground clearance and a special engine noise that only disc valved engines made. Although older and perhaps not as refined as the more modern RD350's I didn't have to worry about the carburettor slides jamming wide open or being thrown off because the foot pegs touched and dug in... In one of my first races on the A7 I rode to a brilliant 2nd place behind Dale Wyllie and was followed home by a 44 gallon drum in 3rd place. The drum followed me over the line as a result of me running off the track. When I got back on the track I was got tangled up with the 44 gallon drum and the rope that was supposed to hold the crowd back.

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