Kawasaki H2 750cc 2-stroke triple

The big wobbler

Now here was a bike that required a fair amount of skill to ride hard. Unlike the 500 had a massive 750 2 stroke engine which developed huge power. It was OK to ride at speeds under 100kph but above that it had it's own personality. The chassis lacked strength and it vibrated badly if the engine mounts were not shimmed correctly. Fast and ahead of it time. A short wheelbase made this a mobile wheelie machine. Lack of ground clearance meant the odd crash was just inevitable. This bike formed the basis of the H2-R750 factory racer which went on to become the water cooled KR750. It was successfully used by many riders before the TZ700 arrived. I was given a KR750 to race in Australia by Nevil Doyle who ran Team Kawasaki Australia. I thought it was good bike and my introduction to a GP style of bike. I took one to Europe to race at the Cup De Nations. in 1979.

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