The mighty Kawasaki Z1 900cc DOHC 4-stroke


The best big bike made ever. This was an engineering feat that put Kawasaki into the big league. Lots of innovative technical refinements with this bike, DOHC, bucket valve gear etc.... a real strong engine that would go like a raped ape and had plenty of HP but at the same time as strong as an oxen. This bike formed the backbone of four stroke racing for many years. The engine was fitted to various chassis's and performed really well. I used this base Z1 production bike to win the Castrol 6 Hour race in NZ which I rode on my own for the full 6 hours. I even stopped for "pee" during re-fuelling at one of the scheduled stops. We then began modifying the production Z1's unlimited racing and "Superbikes" were born.


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