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It started as a small incident in 1981 during the opening laps of the British GP at Silverstone. It ended as national tragedy when I got blamed for ending Barry Sheen's chances of winning the 500cc World Championship. Well - Hello! There were others in the race that had a chance as well and yes I was one too.

You've seen the video clip and Barry accused me of taking him down and to some extent he could have been right but he had options in that split second time and elected to brake and try to come on the inside. I was sliding down the road holding onto my bike looking directly backwards and saw the whole thing.

Most race track reporters got a detailed commentary of how the crash happened from Barry and how I brought down "England's last great hope" I had become the "bad boy".

What followed was a bitter "tit-for-tat" argument played out through the press media over the next few months which only served to fuel opinions both ways. In actual fact it was a great PR exercise which divided loyal fans into a frenzy of differing and varied view points. It worked for Barry and me alike.

The guy I felt most for was Marco Luchinelli who took the accident in his stride and understood accidents do happen from time to time. Disappointed - yes, but not angry.

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