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Accidents were part and parcel of racing on the street circuits of New Zealand. Luckily the speeds were relatively slow but what Marco suffered this day was only a broken collar bone! Two weeks latter he was back racing - They are tough those Italians.

Head butting lamp-posts and gutters were always a possibility and losing skin was an occupational hazard but surprisingly very few injuries plagued the top riders and certainly no fatalities were suffered so all in all remove the thought of blood and the odd compound fracture it Wanganui was always a save racetrack.

Incidentally, Marco went on win the 1980 World 500cc Championship on a similar bike to what I was racing that year, the XR34 Suzuki.

These races on this track were fun and exciting as I always tended to get a good start and spent my time defending my position. Wide bars meant it was a detour to pass me!

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