Yoshimura Kawasaki Z1000, Z1R - Super Bike.

Yee-har! (Who needs a GP bike?)

We used the standard Z1, Z1000, Z1R models and modified the engines and tuned the chassis. We did lots of work on the engine by using Pop's Yoshimura racing parts to make good amounts of horsepower. We then tried to tame it by slightly modifying the chassis. Bracing it here and there and fitting wider wheels and soft slick tires. Then came the fun part, I would throw a leg over it and set off down pit lane not knowing what to expect!!! Well, we generally got them steering OK but looking back it was still just a modified rode bike that you had to ride the wheels off to get it to perform. 1977/78/79 made up the best years for me on those mobile missiles that handled like roller skates in a gravel pit. Those were the days... I often think about the Marlboro series of 1978 racing around the streets of Wanganui on that Superbike... Stupid, brave, careless or mad I can't think which one was more appropriate. Check out the video vault... you make the call!

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